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Little Wave Arc – Ki Mobility
Lightweight, foldable, tilt-in-space for children


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Little Wave Flip – Ki Mobility

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LCS Manufactures & Provides Quality, Custom-Made Seating Solutions For Wheelchair Users

LCS works with the world’s leading wheelchair and seating providers to offer a wide range of high-quality seating solutions including our own custom-made seating and a broad selection of accessories for the wheelchair user.

Working with therapists, wheelchair users, their families and carers, LCS finds the perfect fit to provide the smile factor. When the person using our seating system smiles, everyone around them smiles too.

LC Seating with customer in wheelchair
Luke working with wheelchair computer technology
LC Seating with customer in customised wheelchair
Specialist at LCS custom fitting wheelchair seat


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The LCS Moulding Approach

We manufacture and provide quality, custom-made seating solutions for wheelchair users.

The easy and accurate LCS Moulding Approach is designed to deliver precise results for each individual client.

Using our cutting-edge patent-pending LCS Moulding Jacket and cushion foundation, we make the process easier for the client and deliver more accurate results first time.


Choose any product on our website and one of our qualified sales team will bring your chosen product to your home to try out at your leisure with no obligation to purchase. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff will assess your needs, guide you through our seating solutions and answer any questions you have.

“Shane’s new wheelchair has changed his life dramatically. He is now pain-free and a very happy man. I never thought a change of seat would make such a big difference.”

Mother of Shane Reilly, Moulded Seat System User

“I saw Sean yesterday to deliver the calf panel. His mom wanted me to pass on a message to you that Sean is so happy with his new mould. He is able to eat a larger volume of food and has put on a pound. Sean says it’s all from the new mould. He told his mom that ‘Luke is amazing.”

Occupational Therapist

“Rachael continues to use her chair daily and we are all very pleased at the way it has worked out. Rachael is held in place very well and looks very comfortable with no sliding at all, something that was a constant issue with the old mould.
We would like to say a big thank you from our family for all your efforts David, and LCS for the great product, and professional service you provided
Many thanks.”

Alan, Stephanie and Rachael.


“Excellent products and good prices.
I would recommend LCS to anyone”.

Gaye Donovan

“The service is amazing”.

Karen Reynolds

“Freedom Trax is really amazing. It was fantastic to be able to be on the beach with my kids. The transition between terrains was smooth. It’s so easy to operate that even my four-year-old sitting on my knee could use it.”

Katie Bourne