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Head Support

Hensinger Head Support

6810 Hensinger Head Support

Revolutionary in the world of cervical collars, this soft foam wrap-around collar is designed to brace the head by the jawline.

The Hensinger Head support can help maintain mid-line head positioning.

Proper head positioning facilitates improved breathing, swallowing, and simplified feeding. It also aids in social interaction and awareness during classroom activities.

The Hensinger is built with a strong yet pliable reinforcement material around the outside of the support.

A simple Quick-Release buckle allows easy on/off.

The Hensinger Head Support can be used with a chest support or mounted to a seating system. Soft covers are included.


  • Covers come in Blue or Black.
  • Custom Lycra colors include Pink, Hot Pink, Razzleberry, Red, Purple, Blue, Teal, Yellow, Orange, Black, and Camo.
  • Black & custom color covers will delay shipping.
  • Vinyl-covered foam is Casa Tan.
  • Hensinger will be sent un-mounted with blue covers unless other options are checked.
  • Custom colors and/or modifications to any product require up to 7 days for fabrication.
  • Custom and/or modified items are not returnable.