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Headrests and Head Supports

Comfort Plus Head Support


  • Single Pad Headrest for resting position, tilt and recline
  • Support behind head during transport
  • Can accommodate additional positioning components & accessories
  • Can accommodate lateral support pads & switches
Steath Product Headrest Adjustable Comfort Plus


  • Combines features of Comfort Plus with an adjustable triple pad head support
  • Provides resting position, tilt and recline
  • Offers adjustable lateral support more than 45° from flat position
  • Can add head support during transport
  • Can accommodate additional position components & accessories
Tri Comfor Headrest


  • Combines features of Comfort Plus with addition of angled lateral wings and choice of length and heights
  • Supplies central posterior pad as resting position or support in tilt and recline
  • Can increase lateral control with side wings that offer help in keeping head on centre posterior support
  • Can add surface behind head during transport
  • Can accommodate addition of positioning components and accessories
All Positioning Headrest Support


  • Combination of features resulting in an anatomically shaped support
  • Provides functions of a headrest and comprehensive positioning
  • Supplies resting position, tilt and recline
  • Adjustable padded arms to help support the sub occipital
  • Adjustable lateral support that discourages flexion
  • Can add head support during transport
  • Can accommodate position components and accessories to provide extra clinical interventions
Combo Series Headrest for Wheelchair


  • Combination of features of Adjustable Comfort Plus in a lower profile system with individual adjustable bilateral wings
  • Enables user to set the shape and hold the settings
  • Provides lower thinner profile when necessary
  • Offers standard and custom ear relief cut outs
  • Allows reliable, individually adjustable side pads to control lateral flexion
  • Offers more than 45° lateral support adjustment from flat position
  • Can accommodate position components and accessories to provide extra clinical interventions
Contoured Headrest


  • The most basic headrests offered by Stealth Products
  • Economical alternative when separate foam is not necessary
  • Available in 2 styles for different clinical functions
  • Molded as integral unit of self-skinning foam so no cover required
  • Supports occipital shelf with a molded in ledge
  • Offers mild lateral support with the large contoured size
  • Durable with metal insert molded in for strength
  • Can withstand rigorous environment
  • Wiped clean and easily disinfected with water resistant self skinned foam surface
  • Compatible with all Stealth mounting hardware.

Stealth Advanced Head Positioning Options

Comfort Plus Head Support


  • The Stealth Ultra (SU) Head Support supports the occipital and sub occipital regions
  • Combined with the TWB links, allows adjustment to asymmetrical postures and deformities
  • Supplies anterior, posterior, rotational and angle adjustment of both pads
  • Accommodates positioning components and accessores to provide additional clinical interventions
  • View PDF Ultra Series Headrest Manual inc Mounting Hardware
i2i Headrest


Comfort Company: BodiLink Head Support

BodiLink Head Support

BodiLink Head Support

  • Compatible on virtually any power or manual wheelchair
  • Flip-Down support hardware allows the head support pad to move away from the user’s head when transferring, transporting or performing other ADL’s.
  • 7 Styles, improved and expanded Gear Teeth (GT) series and all new Piano Taper (PT) Series
  • New PT hardware features piano-hinge style joints in combination with a double taper, resulting in the strongest hardware on the market, all while having the ability to “slip” before any catastrophic failure
  • GT Hardware features sintered-metal gear teeth joints with 15° increments, resulting in a strong positive-locking hardware
  • Dedicated mid-line styles when lateral position is unnecessary
  • New mounting options: Seamless integration to Acta-Series, Corpus, Tru-Comfort, and more
  • GT and PT hardware have standardized fastener sizes and require less tools for easier installation
  • Mounting block available for all Comfort Company back supports, ROHO, Agility, Permobil Corpus, Quantum Tru-Balance2 & other OEM back supports
  • View PDF BodiLink Head Support User’s Manual including mounting hardware

Hardware Mounting Systems for Backrests