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Attendant Chair with Electric Assist

Mountain Trike (MT) ePush

A buddy/attendant chair with electric assist, providing the pusher with electric assist to enable them to tackle more challenging terrain, steeper hills and adventure together.

The controls for the attendant are on the push handle. The chair can be either pushed manually or switched to the electric power assist mode as required. Depending on conditions, user weight, speed and terrain, the distance range can be between 8 to 20 miles in electric assist mode.

The ePush provides a comfortable ride with mountain bike air suspension, hydraulic brakes and aluminium frame. It can be folded up for transportation and comes with various accessories.

Please note that all Mountain Trike Company devices are available with both LCS carved foam and 3D printed custom seating, and fitted with WheelAir ventilation system for active airflow.

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Built for adventure and exploring together!

The Mountain Trike ePush is available either as a new model or there is a retrofitted eKit available for any existing MT Push owners which makes it more affordable for those who wish to upgrade.

The ePush comes with a 3 year warranty, there is a selection of colours available and the eKit battery comes with a 12 month warranty.


LCS Ltd is a distributor of the Mountain Trike Company’s all terrain wheelchair products in the Republic of Ireland. The Mountain Trike Company manufacture custom-built manual and powered wheelchairs which are all capable of off-roading and enable a wide range of wheelchair users access to outdoor spaces. See also Mountain Trike and SDMotion Trike.

e-Push Mountain Trike
e-Push Mountain Trike
e-Push Mountain Trike
e-Push Mountain Trike
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Large front wheels and rugged chassis make the ePush easy to push over wet grass, muddy trails, uneven paving and sand.

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Motor/Battery Power Assist

250W, 36V Hub Motor. Maximum speed limit of 3.5mph. Battery 12.8Ah, 36V lithium Ion battery which includes main charger.

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LCD screen with speed, distance, average speed and power settings.

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There is a simple thumb throttle control situated in the push handle.

Air Suspension

With its air suspension, the Mountain Trike ePush allows for a comfortable, stable and smooth ride over rough terrain, rocks, tree roots, coming off curbs and riding over cobble stones.

Hydraulic Disc Brakes

The Mountain Trike ePush has hydraulic disc brakes which enables you to have excellent propulsion, control and braking in all weather conditions, over bumpy ground and hill inclines.

3 year warranty and a wide selection of colour choices available!