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All Terrain Wheelchairs

Mountain Trike

The Mountain Trike is an all terrain, self-propelled, sleek Trike, ideal for every day use outdoors such as woodlands, visit to shops, on the beach, and for those that like a challenge,  hiking and climbing mountains.

Built for adventure and exploring!

LCS Ltd is a distributor of the Mountain Trike Company’s all terrain wheelchair products in the Republic of Ireland. The Mountain Trike Company manufacture custom-built manual and powered wheelchairs which are all capable of off-roading and enable a wide range of wheelchair users access to outdoor spaces.

The Mountain Trike’s unique lever drive system enables the rider to have clean, dry hands in any weather conditions.  It is also possible to convert the Mountain Trike to an MT Push or to an eTrike. The adult frame can be adapted for a child and this enables the Trike to ‘grow’ with the child.

All Trikes come with a 3 year warranty and are available in a variety of colours. 

See also The MT ePush and SDMotion Trike.


Mountain Trike in Horse arena


Mountain Trike Exercise


Mountain Trike Rambling


Mountain Trike in snow


Direct Steering

The Mountain Trike has unique direct drive steering enabling you to steer and drive the Trike with one arm. The steering has perfect control for smooth turns and allows an easy journey across slopes.

Air Suspension

With its air suspension, the Mountain Trike allows for a comfortable and smooth ride over rough terrain, rocks, tree roots, coming off curbs and riding over cobble stones.

Hydraulic Disc Brakes

The Mountain Trike has hydraulic disc brakes which enables you to have control and braking in all weather conditions, over bumpy ground and hill inclines.

3 year warranty and a wide selection of colour choices available!

“Really fantastic. Really easy. Tree roots are difficult in a normal chair but a piece of cake in this – it sailed over everything!”

“It makes an area I couldn’t get to accessible and takes me to places I couldn’t normally get to in comfort and fun.”

“’Primrose’, my new eTrike, is absolutely fantastic. It is no exaggeration to say that it has transformed my life.”

“I felt involved for the first time. Usually I just have to sit and wait. It was lovely.”

Please note that all Mountain Trike Company devices are available with both LCS carved foam and 3D printed custom seating, and fitted with WheelAir ventilation system for active airflow. 

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