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Little girl using Made For Movement product


Made for Movement offers innovative movement aid solutions that enables individuals with severe mobility impairments to stand and walk independently.

Innowalk small

Innowalk Small

Innowalk is an innovative dynamic standing device offering many features to people with moderate to severe physical disabilities. People with moderate to severe motor impairment suffer typically from neurological and neuro-muscular disease.

Innowalk Pro large

Innowalk Pro

The Innowalk Pro is an extremely compact robotic rehabilitation trainer offering many features for both the patients and therapists. Rehabilitation centres and therapy clinics deliver services addressing the needs of a wide range of patients. Intensity of training is critcal for success.


NF Walker 2

A gait-trainer specially made for kids and young people who can’t stand or walk on their own.

Hibbot Movement Aid Solutions product


Children with potential to learn to walk either independently or using a handheld walking aid.

LCS Ltd is proud to announce that as part of an exclusive agreement Made For Movement, LCS Ltd is sole distributor and agent for Made for Movement Global in Ireland.