P Pod

Postural support for disabled children & adults indoors in the home or day care environment

Custom Moulded Indoor Seating

The P Pod is a custom moulded support within a conventional bean bag base. The P in ‘P’ Pod stands for postural.

This award-winning P Pod Seat enables high levels of postural support for easy use within a home environment where other specialist equipment can be hard to accommodate due to space limitations and access.

A popular product with infants and young adults, the P Pod provides a unique seating experience for those with specialised seating needs.  It was developed in response to customers looking for a different seating option within the home environment. Where bean bags had been used before, they were unable to give support that the P Pod can provide.

P Pod

The activity frame enables toys to be hung on for play therapy. It folds flat for storage. (toys not included).


There are three components to the P Pod; the seat, a bolster support and the beanbag or Pod.

The P in ‘P’ Pod stands for postural.  and postural support technology SOS is famous for is an integral part of this design.

The makers of the P Pod, SOS, are well known for their postural support technology.

Key Features

  • Standard or custom made
  • Provides simple accommodation of complex seating problems
  • Lightweight and easily handled within the home
  • Moulded Seat Pod improves effectiveness of the bean bag approach
  • Quilted stretch velour covers in a range of colours
  • Stylish & comfortable for every day use
  • Covers easily removed for cleaning
  • Allows for change of position whilst maintaining support
  • Range of accessories available


  • To assist with the use of larger P Pods, a mobile base unit allows the P Pod to be easily moved around indoors.
  • The mobile base is also available with a powered tilt mechanism where changes in positional orientation are considered important to improve general comfort and tolerance.
  • It comes with cushioned handles, locking front castors and its design makes using mobile hoists simple. It can be custom-coloured so it coordinates with the ‘P’ Pod.

P Pod Mobile Base

Mobile Base Unit

P Pod Free-standing Tray

Free Standing Tray

P Pod Growth Liner

P Pod Growth Liner

P Pod flip over headrest

Flip Over Head Rest

P Pod Adjustable Foot Bolster

Adjustable Foot Bolster