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Corrective & Customised Positioning Systems

Optimum posture & products for comfort and well-being

Bibi Long

Bibi: Infants Total Body Postural Positioning Kit

For professional use during rehabilitation, therapy, hospital stay, intensive and sub-intensive intervention, both for sitting and lying (supine, prone, side) positions.

Eolo Long

Eolo: Multi-functional tilting highchair with high/low indoor base

For home, school, rehabilitation centres, communities etc


Prox: Modular positioning cushion to customize the pelvis posture in situations where it is necessary

To relieve and ventilate the medial buttock, coccygeal, sacral, perineal, genitals area of a seated person – for home, school, rehabilitation centres, communities etc

Whippy brochure

Whippy: A total baby modular postural system for infants up to 12kg

For the first postural management intervention

Helix total body pronation

Helix: Total body safe & relaxed prone position

Ensures the proper prone positioning of the patient in every hospial ward where it is required and enables clinical staff to do frequent changes and postual adjustments.

Hippo Saddle Pad

Hippo: Postural saddle pad enhances the rehabilitative stimuli produced by the horse gait

HIPPO MB provides comfort, safe support and the pelvis and trunk alignment in various positions.