Brief Style Velcro Closure Undergarment


This brief style has front-opening Velcro fastening for users that would find it difficult to use pull up undergarments. Aid in pressure ulcer (bedsore) prevention and treatment on the buttocks, sacrum and hips. Washable and reusable. Lightweight, cool and comfortable.

The Parafricta® Undergarment (Brief Style – VELCRO® brand closure) protects the sacral and gluteal (buttocks) area against pressure ulcers (bedsores, pressure injuries) and skin breakdown due to friction and associated shear (e.g. as a result of frequent repositioning, sliding on a transfer board or wheelchair use). The high back is designed to extend to vulnerable skin in the sacrum. This front-opening, VELCRO®-secured version allows less-mobile wearers to be dressed whilst lying down. It is washable and reusable (60°C, synthetic cycle).

A range of different sizes are available. Select a size based on hip measurement first.