Slip On Bootee


Slip-on, lightweight bootee to aid in pressure ulcer (bedsore) prevention and treatment. Washable and reusable.

The Parafricta® Bootee (Slip-on) protects against pressure ulcers (bedsores, pressure injuries) caused by friction and associated shear, particularly in the heel area, (e.g. red, hot, sore or blistered heels as a result of rubbing or dragging on the bed). It provides non-stop protection to the other most vulnerable areas of the foot. It also prevents wound dressings on the foot from being lost due to “rucking-up”. The bootee is easy to slip-on, is lightweight, comfortable, has a ventilation area for maximum comfort and a non-slip sole to provide grip when getting out of the chair or bed. It is washable and reusable (60°C, synthetic cycle).

A range of different sizes are available. Select a size based on shoe size or measurement from heel to big toe.