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SDMotion Trike

The SDMotion Trike is a cutting-edge off-road wheelchair, combining the Mountain Trike’s durability with SDMotion’s electric power system. Featuring joystick control and full electric power, it grants users increased independence and the capability to explore rough terrain.

Designed for off-road excursions, it boasts front-wheel drive, deep treads, and a stable base, facilitating easy navigation through challenging landscapes. The SDMotion Trike offers a journey of discovery and freedom in outdoor adventures.

Please note that all Mountain Trike Company devices are available with both LCS carved foam and 3D printed custom seating, and fitted with WheelAir ventilation system for active airflow.

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Lithium-ion battery, easily interchangable with a range of up to 30km


26” mountain bike wheels with Tannus inserts to minimise risk of punctures


Mountain Trike base in your choice of colour


Programmable joystick controller with USB charge point


5 speed settings with maximum speed of 6km/hr


Quick release wheels and foldable foot plate


3 Rock Shox air shock absorbers


Anti-tip extensions


Electromagnetic brakes and manual safety brakes


Under-seat battery bag


Dual battery charger (Lithium-ion and Ni-MH)


side guards


arm rests


3 year warranty on base frame, 1 year warranty on power system

The SDMotion Trike offers easy transportation with its foldable design and quick-release wheels. Weighing 37 kg (without battery), it’s relatively light for an electric wheelchair. Safety and comfort are prioritized with features like rock shox air shock absorbers and electromagnetic brakes. Its lithium battery provides a range of up to 30km (18 miles) across various terrains. Personalization options include frame colours and additional accessories. Sold with a 3-year warranty (1 year on battery/power system), it’s not crash-tested for vehicle use but can fit into a normal-sized hatchback when folded.



The Mountain Trike has unique direct drive steering enabling you to steer and drive the Trike with one arm. The steering has perfect control for smooth turns and allows an easy journey across slopes.


Off-road 26″ tyres
Front wheel drive and stable base allows for demanding terrain.


Range of up to 30km
LCD screen with speed, distance, average speed, max speed power settings.
Ability to overcome demanding terrain such as wet mud, tree roots, sand and snow



Wheels detach and Trike can be folded into a cube in a matter of minutes for easy transportation.
Weighs 37kg (not including battery)


Left or right joystick mounting
Higher or lower backrest
Optional headrest, storage rack and push bar



Easy to operate, 5-speed joystick controller
Highly efficient brushless motors with built-in braking function


What Our Customers Say

“I love the fact I can now change the battery myself so it means I can do more exploring on my own over much larger distances!”

We’ve had some great user feedback from Josie about the SDMotion Trike who typically uses the Trike for dog walks and exploring the countryside.

Josie has been putting the SDMotion Trike through its paces for the last few months and following her user testing certain tweaks and standard features where adapted.

“I like the easily accessible, interchangeable Li-ion battery that I can change by myself even with no handgrip, also that it can be charged in situ and is easy for me to do. It is great that 26″ wheels come as standard as there are many more options for tyres, tubes etc and also I found the performance much better than the 24” wheels.

The SDMotion Trike is very, very manoeuvrable and offers a very smooth ride due to the suspension. Great too that it fits in my WAV and can be folded if you need to fit it in a smaller space. As all terrain wheelchairs go it’s lightweight.

Parts will not be hugely expensive as a lot are ‘off the shelf’ and not too hard to source.

The SDMotion Trike is a far superior off-road, all terrain wheelchair to anything that is currently available – can’t wait to get exploring more!”

Josie on SD Motion Trike on top of hill

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