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Dynamic Head Support

Seating Dynamics has Single Axis and Multi Axis Dynamic Head Support Hardware.

The Dynamic Head Support Hardware allows neck extension, diffusing and absorbing force to protect the client, protect the hardware, and reduce overall extensor tone.

The Dynamic Head Support can be used on its own or in combination with the Dynamic Rocker Back and Dynamic Footrests.


Head Support

Dynamic Rocker Back Interface (DRBi)

This is positioned between the seat and the back of a wheelchair providing movement of the back to absorb forces and assist the client back to upright. This movement can protect both the client from injury and the seating system and mobility base from breakage. It  reduces extension and provides movement to reduce agitation, increase alertness and provide sensory input. It can also facilitate functional activities.

Movement against resistance in a limited range can also increase trunk and head control.

Benefits of Dynamic Rocker Back (DRBi)

  • Opens Seat to Back Angle in response to client movement and force
  • Pivot point follows the natural pivot point of the hip, maintaining the position of the pelvis upon return to upright
  • Provides Movement
  • Absorbs and Diffuses Force
  • Reduces Active Extension and Posturing
  • Protects Client from Injury
  • Protects Equipment from Breakage
  • Increases Sitting Tolerance
  • Decreases Agitation
  • Increases Alertness
  • Increases Trunk Control

Frequently Asked Questions

Can a Dynamic Rocker Back interface be installed on any wheelchair?
Currently there are over 50 different manual and power wheelchair models, the majority of all commonly used CRT wheelchairs, on which we can install a DRBi. For a full list of compatible wheelchairs, please contact us. If you don’t see a brand and model listed, please contact us, we may have a solution.
Can a Dynamic Rocker Back interface be installed on a power wheelchair?
Yes, we can supply a DRBi on some power wheelchairs. For a full list of compatible wheelchairs, please contact us.
Can a Dynamic Rocker Back interface be installed on a tilt-in-space wheelchair?
Yes. DRBis are very often used on tilt-in-space wheelchairs and is our most common installation. When the DRBi is installed on a tilt in space wheelchair, simply tilting the client back should not activate the elastomers. If this occurs, a firmer elastomer should be used. Please contact us for further information.
The wheelchair I am ordering for a client has a fold down back. Will the back still fold?
No. Due to the necessity for strength and durability which clients using a dynamic back need, the non-folding dynamic back is necessary. A wheelchair which folds side to side will still fold in this direction. Please contact us for further information.

Dynamic Footrests

Dynamic Footrests move in response to client movement and force.

As the client moves, the Dynamic Footrests absorb and diffuse forces, protecting the client from injury, preventing equipment damage, and providing numerous therapeutic benefits.


Benefits of Dynamic Footrests

  • Provide up to 3 movements – Telescoping, Elevation, Plantar / Dorsi Flexion
  • Provide Movement in response to Client Movement and Force
  • Absorb and Diffuse Force
  • Reduce Active Extension and Posturing
  • Protect Client from Injury
  • Protect Equipment from Loss of Adjustment and Breakage
  • Increase Sitting Tolerance
  • Decrease Agitation
  • Increase Alertness
  • Increase Lower Extremity Strength
Dynamic Footrest
“Seating Dynamics has excellent dynamic products that are compatible with many frames. In my experience, the dynamic back and footrests have prevented frame damage, allowed for extension of the client but with return of pelvis to effective sitting posture, reduced pressures on back, buttock and foot area, and reduced agitation on clients with SI issues”.

Missy Ball, PT, MT, ATP
PhysioBall Therapy, LLC

The use of a dynamic headrest on this kind of patient should be the standard, not just to protect the equipment, but the patient.” Referring to clients who repeatedly contact their head support with significant force“.

Robert J. (Joe) McKnight, ATP/SMS, CRTS, Superior Mobility, Carson, CA

“Great products! I work with kids and adults with developmental disabilities. I’ve had lots of success with their dynamic rocker back interface to address high exterior tone, as well as rocking behaviour!”.

Macara McGregor
St. Amant, Winnipeg, Manitoba

“Faith has had the dynamic back for one year now and she loves it! It allows her to get the movement stimulation she so craves. She is happy when she can move”.

Faith’s mum, CA

“Before Kylie got the Dynamic Footrests, she was constantly breaking her footrests. She was fracturing pieces of metal and everyone kept telling us ‘this shouldn’t happen.’ Getting the dynamic footrests has cut down on trips to the supplier for repairs”.

Kylie’s mum, Wyoming.

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and Dynamic Head Support.