Track Wheel

Convert Your Wheelchair Into An Agile Tricycle

Track Wheel

The Track Wheel enables you to transform your wheelchair into a sporty tricycle and experience a new sense of speed and freedom!

This incredibly light weight wheelchair add on weighs less than 3 kilos, making it light and easy to fit.


ideal companion for excursions

Ultra-light, easy to attach and comfortable.
The outdoor front wheel TRACK WHEEL is the ideal companion for excursions in the city, in the forest or on the beach: ultra-light, easy to attach and comfortable. With the Outdoor Front Wheel TRACK WHEEL you can move effortlessly on a wide range of terrains.

More speed, comfort and manoeuvrability

Castor wheels are raised
Thanks to the 12” TRACK WHEEL,  the castor wheels are raised, and the wheelchair is tilted slightly backwards. The rolling resistance is noticeably reduced.

fastened within seconds

Adjusted to fit your wheelchair
Once your TRACK WHEEL has been correctly adjusted to fit your wheelchair, it can be fastened within a few seconds.

Single Arm & Double Arm

Comes in 2 innovative docking systems
TRACK WHEEL comes in two innovative docking systems: Single Arm with one clamping device and Double Arm with a double  clamping device.

Single Arm: The TRACK WHEEL is attached to the rigid foot plate of the wheelchair. For docking after assembly, you do not need
any tools or an additional bracket.

Double Arm: The TRACK WHEEL was specially developed for folding wheelchairs with fixed integrated footrests and is therefore  equipped with double clamping.

TrackWheel Single Arm Installation Instruction EN 2021

Track Wheel Accessories

Height adjustable brackets for a double-arm track wheel

Height Adjustable Brackets for Double-Arm Track Wheel

Useful when fitting Track Wheel active chairs that have transport loops on them like the Rogue 2. Available for purchase here.

2.	Footplate attachment for a double-arm Track wheel

Footplate attachment for Double-Arm Track Wheel

Footplate attachment for a double-arm Track wheel which would suit chairs with swing away leg-rests like the Catalyst 5. Available for purchase here.

My colleagues and I have tested the TRACK WHEEL extensively.
Only what is good enough for us is good enough for our customers! You can even take your TRACK WHEEL to the beach for a fun day out. To do this, equip your wheelchair with fat tyres and slightly lower the tyre pressure.

I wish you maximum fun and relaxation!

Jes Georg Klein
Mobility expert at Kørestolseksperten in Viborg, Denmark