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Treat-Eezi Pressure Care Relief

Treat-Eezi pressure care relief

The Treat-Eezi full length overlay is a revolutionary mattress topper which can be used on any standard single or double bed without affecting the partners sleep. Incredibly, it has been clinically proven to help both prevent and heal stage 1, 2, 3 and 4 pressure ulcers by Leading Tissue Viability Nurses.

The Treat-Eezi is far more comfortable than plastic or nylon air inflated products and there is no electric pump noise going on all night. It also cannot be punctured, it cannot fail in the middle of the night and it will not bottom out.

The Treat-Eezi  decreases sweating allowing the patient far superior sleep and protection even in a power failure with zero maintenance costs, zero running costs, no expert training required, no pumps to fail and student nurse friendly.