Tri-Chair at different angles


Tri-Chair Three is a highly adjustable seating system providing exceptional postural support and pressure care management


Tri-Chair Three is ideally suited for semi and non-ambulant users.

It can be configured in terms of seat height, width and depth, arm and back height, as well as incorporating Tilt-in-Space, independent back angle recline and legrest elevation creating the ultimate in comfort and support. Correct sizing and precise articulation of the seat, back and legrest, stabilises the pelvis without compromise and distributes body weight to effectively manage pressure hotspots.

This chair is highly durable, lightweight and fitted with directional lock castors to improve mobility. The chair has been designed to be used with most hoisted and stand aids to ease transfers into and out of the chair. See also Tri-Chair.



  • Tilt-in-Space
  • Adjustable Seat Width, Depth, Height
  • Adjustable Split-Wing Head Rest enabling independent head & shoulder support
  • Adjustable Arm, Back, Seat Height
  • Pressure Care as standard
  • Waterfall Backrest with Lateral Support
  • 100mm Directional Lock Castors
  • Ergonomically Positioned Push Handle
  • Independant Back Recline
  • Flip-up Footplate
  • Elevating, Articulating Legrest
  • Removable Arms


Most suitable for the following users:

  • Adults requiring comfort and a medium to high degree of postural support when seated
  • Users with complex sitting postures and requiring high level pressure care management
  • Adults with unconventional body shape, to include scoliosis, kyphosis, lordosis and contractures
  • For stroke care
  • For acquired brain injury care
  • For those with cerebral palsy

Suitable for use in:

  • Nursing and Residential Homes
  • Hospitals
  • Hospices
  • Domestic Home Environments
  • Specialist Treatment Facilities
Tri-Chair Three
Tri-Chair One


  • 2-point medium or large padded lapbelt
  • 4-point medium or large padded lapbelt
  • medium or large padded pelvic positioner
  • medium or large chest harness
  • flip-up, angle adjustable footplate

This chair has a variety of pressure care options for each individual client. Intuitive chair mechanisms make adjusting the Tri- Chair Three quick & easy.

Handle of Tri-Chair
Tri-Chair Wheel Lock
Pressure cushion on Tri-Chair
Purple Pressure cushion on Tri-Chair

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