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True Forming Backs (TFB)

The True Forming Back (TFB) offers comfort, custom fitting and adaptability. It comes in 3 configurations: Linear, Flex and Contour

TFB Linear: comes in 2 different configurations; TFB R-Back (Rectangular) and TFB -I-Back (I Shaped). Both of these have a small bend on the outside edge of the shell giving a slight increase in lateral stability over a completely flat backrest.

TFB Flex: available in 3 contours to suit various requirements: Modular, Active and Deep. The Flex is fully configurable with an area of spinal relief, ideal for users with a kyphosis.

TFB Contour: a more fitted shape, available in 3 contour depths to suit variety of needs: Active, Deep and Extra Deep.

TFB Linear

TFB Linear

The TFB Linear R-Back or I-Back are designed for comfort, custom fit, and trouble-free adjustability. Our easily accessible hardware is available in both two and four point mounting options and is neatly hidden behind a Velcro flap to maintain a sleek and clean appearance.

The TFB Linear consists of a lightweight aluminum base, a double layered foam setting consisting of of our exclusive SunMate® FRG foam, and of Open Cell foam. The True Forming Back can be mounted to any chair on the market, including Power Wheelchairs (PWC) with the Simple Solutions Adapter Interface.

TFB Contour Extensions

TFB Contour

A fully customizable, lightweight design that offers a more fitted shape than most traditional custom backrests. Available in three contour depths to suit a wide variety of needs.

The ergonomic design utilizes a curved top and lateral contour to provide trunk support, while also allowing room for scapulae, shoulders, and arms to maintain mobility. The deep and extra deep contour utilize bolt-on contour wings that are independently height adjustable to get support exactly where needed.

TFB Flex Modular and Flex Deep

TFB Flex Modular

The Flex Modular consist of a flat backrest with slots for the 2in (5.08cm) contour extension. Perfect for conditions where configuration would fluctuate or for asymmetric situations.

TFB Flex Active/Deep

The Flex Active/Deep consist of contoured backrest with integrated lateral support at a 45° angle. Each shell has slots which provide adjustable attachment positions for mounting hardware and lateral support hardware or deep contour extensions.