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(Adjustable Technology

Correcting or accommodating for a wide variety of pelvic and postural abnormalities. This system allows for on-site customization of an off-the-shelf cushion to effectively meet the needs of any user. The ATI is constructed of a strong aluminum that is designed to be molded to provide additional support where needed. The insert fits under cushion, inside the cover, and can also be remolded to meet changes in the user’s physical and functional needs. This dynamic nature provides long-term positioning support while allowing for movement where possible.

The ATI has a series of “fingers” that can be bent to provide:


A lateral boundary

For alignment and stability.


Femoral contact

Ror skin protection and positioning and to match patient ROM.


Pelvic support

For stability and positioning with a Posterior Pelvic Tilt, Obliquity, or Rotation.



On the left and/or right side, in the front or rear of the cushion.


Constructed with dual density foam

A molded foam base, and Quadra3D® Gel pack.


custom contour

Use it to custom contour an off-the-shelf cushion and create your own geometry for your patient.


available for M2 and Acta Embrace

ATI is available for M2 and Acta-Embrace® cushions in all sizes ranging from 10″W x 10″D to 24″W x 24″D. Also available with Comfort Designs Inception™ Custom Seat Support.

US Patent No. 9,186,290