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Axiom AS & ASP

Fluid cushions

The first field adjustable lightweight fluid cushions. Available in 2 models: Adjustable Skin (AS) & Adjustable Skin & Positioning (ASP)


Optimises Pressure Distribution & Stability

The cushion allows the femurs, trochanters, and ischia to all be independently loaded.
The fluid under the ischia is specifically engineered to reduce shear strain while The trochanteric bladders are filled with a stiffer version of Hydrolite for stability when moving and reaching.


Axiom's Hydrolite is incredibly light, eliminating the "weight penalty" of other fluid cushions

It is less sensitive to temperature, so the fluid performs consistently regardless of how hot or cold the climate.



The cushion base features a dense layer of reticulated foam under a layer of spacer fabric to allow air to flow.
The foam base is closed cell and designed with pathways that allow moisture to flow through and away from the body, maintaining a cooler and drier skin interface.

Patented Design

4-way super stretch Lycra cover to eliminate cover tension
  • Pleated 4-way super stretch Lycra cover to eliminate cover tension
  • Microclimatic spacer fabric layer over reticulated foam comfort layer for air flow
  • Structural Foam Base with Fluid reservoir channels allow for individual adjustment of fluid volume
  • Bilateral Ischial Fluid inserts with more mobile fluid for shear reduction
  • Independent Trochanteric fluid inserts, with stiffer fluid for stability
  • Vents allow the cushion to adjust to changes in ambient pressure

Pre-Contoured Shape

Axiom cushions are pre-contoured
Axiom cushions are pre-contoured to help load the trochanters, decrease ischial loading and improve lateral stability.

It uses the rider’s bodyweight and physical characteristics to automatically adjust the fluid volume to create optimum loading.