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Custom Made & Moulded Seating Process
for Wheelchair Users


LC Seating provides 24-hour postural care equipment ranging from basic folding manual chairs to bespoke custom-made seating. These are manufactured in-house using methods such as Moulded Seating and our own Carved Foam Systems.

The process is achieved through four key stages. We always look to find the best solution for each individual user:


LC Seating assesses the needs of physically disabled people

LC Seating clinician staff are highly trained and experienced in the assessment process. The assessment consists of a plinth assessment in the lying and seated position. The wheelchair user’s range of motion will be assessed, which determines the ideal position for that user. Considerations to be taken into account during the assessment process include:

  • Transfers: Will this be full hoist, standing, sliding, etc?
  • Pressure relief: If the wheelchair user has a history of pressure problems, this will need to be addressed through visco foam, gel or air cushions
  • Access: If the wheelchair is longer, wider or higher, will this impact the user’s access to home, school, work or social locations?
  • Toileting: If a bottle is used, will a flip-away pommel be required?
  • Feeding: Will the seating need to be tilted forward or backward to aid the wheelchair user’s feeding?

After the assessment, a seating solution can then be agreed upon. If  a custom-moulded seat is required, LC Seating takes the wheelchair user’s shape using various sizes of moulding bags. When the user’s optimum position is achieved, the user is transferred from the moulding bags. These bags are then scanned using technology we have utilized for over five years.

The assessment details are gathered using LC Seating’s purpose-built assessment tool, ‘CARE’ (Client Assessment, Record and Evaluation). The scan and CARE details are sent to LC Seating offices to begin manufacturing. LC Seating trains Occupational Therapists in this process.

LC Seating assesses the needs of physically disabled people

If appropriate, we will check the solution with the user during the manufacturing process. The Mid-Fit is useful when the user is using custom seating for the first time, providing an opportunity to customise the shape and finish further.

The shape and fit will be checked, as well the intimate fitting harness positioning and any additional trimming can be undertaken at the Mid-Fit stage. Wheelchair users can choose from a wide range of cover materials and colours to improve the breathability of the custom seating. If heat regulation is a concern, ventilation holes can be added to the system.

LCS also offer the Wheelair ventilation system in our custom seating.

Details will be updated on CARE so that the correct interface will be fitted, streamlining the delivery process.

If the mid-fit is not required, we will reduce the cost of the chair.

LC Seating delivering the wheelchair

At the handover clinic, we will either deliver a seating system and wheelchair, or we can fit the seating system to an existing chair, using a crash-tested interfacing. We will adjust the belts and harnessing, as well as head, arm and foot supports with our clinician staff, completing the handover procedure.

In the handover procedure, items such as tie-down points for transport, tilt, removing covers for washing, and correct transfer position will be shown to the user and their care team.

We would advise that the family or care team take a video recording of this handover procedure, so that it can be shown to other members of the care team.

Review with the customer after wheelchair delivery

Some of the systems we use allow for a degree of growth and alteration, but at LCS we understand that conditions change, and growth can take place in a short period of time.

If the system is not fitting as good as it was, please just give us a call and we will be more than happy to help.