Improve rehabilitation with the Innowalk Pro, providing full-body robotic therapy in standing with weight-bearing.

Girl in Innowalk Pro

Main benefits of Innowalk Pro

  • Get the most out of a patient’s therapy time
  • Save time and resources
  • Save space
  • Ensure safe handling
  • Get motivated patients and employees

Who is the Innowalk Pro intended for?

The Innowalk Pro has been proven to be an effective end-effector device used in rehabilitation centres and therapy clinics.

The patient groups are children, adolescents and adults with physical disabilities caused by inherent diseases and acquired injuries.


Man using Innowalk Pro

See how the Innowalk Pro works!

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The Innowalk Pro is an extremely compact robotic rehabilitation trainer offering many features for both  the patients and therapists.

Rehabilitation centres and therapy clinics deliver services addressing the needs of a wide range of patients. Intensity of training is critical for success. For people with moderate to severe disabilities it is a challenge to meet these demands without affordable and sufficient equipment.  In addition, they often experience lack of time resources.

The Innowalk Pro robotic rehabilitation trainer offers:

  • Sit to stand – Flexible positioning allowing for variations from sitting to standing. This can be used to compensate contractures or other medical considarations. It also enables the patient to take a rest in sitting position without the hassle of getting out of the device. The flexibility ensures that patients make the most out of their training session, regardless of physical capacity.
  • Easy adjustment system – The Innowalk Pro is quick, intuitive and easy to set up and use, which means less time spent adjusting the device to new patients. This way, the Innowalk Pro allows therapists to treat more patients per day.
  • Small footprint – The device has a small footprint and fits well into even a small therapy room. In addition, the Innowalk Pro can easily be transported by one person from room to room, giving patents the opportunity to be treated in privacy.
  • Motorised and enclosed support system – The Innowalk Pro is an innovative assistive technology enabling one therapist to mobilise patients with complex needs. The handling is safe and requires less work load on the therapist.
  • Monitoring feedback system – A 30 minutes session is around 2000 steps (65 RPM), and a performance feedback system is measuring speed, time and distance. In addition, offering innovative therapeutic technology makes your practice attractive for both patients and employees.
  • Size range
    Small: User height: 100-145 cm | User weight: max 65 kg
    Large: User height: 145-190 cm | User weight: max 95 kg

arm movement handles for Innowalk

Arm-Movement Handles – Small, Medium, Large

  • Stimulate arm and hand function
  • Increased training effect


Shoulder straps for Innowalk


Shoulder-Straps – Small, Medium, Large

  • Upper body support

Tray for Innowalk Pro

Tray – Small, Medium, Large

  • For playing and activities
  • Social interaction with others
  • Support of hands and forearms for better stability
  • Increases the feeling of security


Built up sole for Innowalk Pro

Built Up Sole – Small, Large

  • Use extra sole to compensate for different leg lengths


Neck collar to be used with Innowalk

Neck Support – Small, Medium, Large

  • Provides extra support for the head
Innowalk Pro