Experience the freedom of movement with the Innowalk, a dynamic stander enabling activity and reducing sedentary behaviour.

2 little girls, one using Innowalk

Main benefits of Innowalk

  • Become more physically active

  • Stimulate gross motor function

  • Improve physical and emotional well-being

  • Reduce the risk of negative health outcomes


Who is the Innowalk intended for?

The Innowalk is custom-made to make movement possible for children, adolescents and adults with moderate to severe physical disabilities.
No independent ability to stand or walk is required.

Adults using Innowalk

See how the Innowalk works!

The Innowalk is the best piece of equipment we have for our son and is used at least twice a day

Testimonial from a parent

The benefits are life-changing

Testimonial from a parent

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Innowalk is an innovative dynamic standing device offering many features to people with moderate to severe physical disabilities.

People with moderate to severe motor impairment suffer typically from neurological and neuro-muscular disease. They have limited ability for independent movement and are less physically active compared to able-bodied. They spend most of their waking hours being sedentary.
The Innowalk dynamic stander offers:

Motorised movement – Motor-assisted and repetitive movement of the whole body in an upright weight bearing position.

Support system – Adaptable support system enabling appropriate positioning and exceptional comfort.

Safe use – Safe usage with adaptable motor force where the assistive movement can be interrupted if muscles go into spasms.

Size Range:

Small: User height: 80-135 cm | User weight: max 35 kg
Medium: User height: 125-170 cm | User weight: max 75 kg
Large: User height: 160-190 cm | User weight: max 95 kg

arm movement handles for Innowalk

Arm-Movement Handles – Small, Medium, Large

  • Stimulate arm and hand function
  • Increased training effect

Side support with belt for Innowalk

Side-Support W/Belt – Small, Medium, Large

  • Prevents asymmetry
  • Supports alignment

Shoulder straps for Innowalk


Shoulder-Straps – Small, Medium, Large

Upper body support

Tray for Innowalk

Tray – Small, Medium, Large

  • For playing and activities
  • Social interaction with others
  • Support of hands and forearms for better stability
  • Increases the feeling of security

Innowalk display


  • Number of steps
  • Time
  • Speed

Neck collar to be used with Innowalk

Neck Collar – Small, Medium, Large

Provides extra support for the head
Transport Trolley
Enables safe transport