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Paws Power Assisted Wheelchair
Paws Power Assist Add On
Paws Power Assisted Wheelchair
Paws Power Assisted Wheelchair

Power Assisted Wheelchair System

Leading engineers, ergonomists and therapists have worked together with wheelchair users to create the most comfortable and user-friendly power add-on on the market: PAWS, short for Power Assisted Wheelchair Systems. PAWS for manual wheelchairs is a great alternative to the car and is ideal for longer trips in the city and the countryside.

Combining ergonomics and functionality with good looks, PAWS transforms your manual wheelchair into an exciting vehicle, allowing you to be independent when getting to work, going shopping or on a trip.

The three models CITY, CRUISER and TOURER are each distinguished by their wheel type and have been developed for different types of terrain. Additionally, all models are available in manual and automatic clamp, standard or tetra controls variants. Learn more here