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Swiss Viva Grand S – Multi-functional Standing Power Wheelchair

Stand strong: The Viva Grand S is a multifunctional standing power wheelchair that enables almost perfect therapeutic standing for you. Plus, it gives you a good deal more freedom and mobility day-to-day, both indoors and outdoors.

The power wheelchair adapts perfectly to you, with the biodynamic positioning package, programmable standing curves or customizable options.

Now with rear-mounted or mid-mounted motor.

Swiss Viva Grand S Power Wheelchair

What It Offers


Rear-mounted or mid-mounted motor


physiological standing


ergonomical sitting


spring-mounted KNEE TRUSS PADS

for pain-free standing


clever solution details


many options

and customisable features


electric steering fork lock


options for optimising

 upper-body stabilisation

How It Can Change Your Life


Following many requests, the Viva Grand S is now available with a mid-mounted motor. This means that the electric wheelchair is now even more agile and better over tough terrain. The ideal driving gear for tight corners, steep slopes or high door sills. Plus, you sit lower, allowing you to get right up to tables.


Whether you’re shopping, cooking, at a window or simply talking to people who are standing, the Viva Grand S electric standing wheelchair enables you to reach more. Its dynamic knee truss pads allow you to stand effortlessly with spring-loaded action so that you can literally reach further, giving you more independence day-to-day


As well as making your everyday life easier, the standing wheelchair also helps to maintain and improve your general state of health. There’s the training effect for your cardiovascular system, greater breathing volume, maintaining joint mobility and preventing contractures, and much more.


Programmable standing curves and biodynamic components enable you to stand up in a way that suits your needs. All the key elements like the headrest, leg rests and seat angle move with you and follow your body with every movement. This allows you to move into an almost perfect standing position, as well as an ergonomic sitting or lying position. What’s more, we use the modular design and many customizing options to tailor the Grand S electric wheelchair to suit you perfectly.


With powerful motors and independent suspension, the Grand S electric wheelchair carries you over tough outdoor terrain. And the electric standing wheelchair also enables you to manoeuvre easily indoors – in your home, at work or while shopping. Modern steering elements, compact dimensions and mechanical components perfected with years of experience give you agility and lend the Grand S real precision handling as you stand.

Quality of life
as you stand

Negotiating Everyday  Life With the Swiss Viva Grand S

Cooking with the kids: When we gave a woman from Würzburg, Germany, one of our Viva Grand S wheelchairs to test, we could only imagine how everyday life would be transformed for this mother of three energetic children. ‘I tested the chair and I can stand up to cook again – with my children.’ Standing makes a big difference, whether it’s getting spices from the shelf or having conversations face-to-face. Yet standing isn’t everything. The agility and compactness of the Viva Grand S are also important in the narrow kitchen, and our tester wasn’t disappointed. In her own words: ‘I can turn practically on the spot.’

Out and about with mates: One of our field staff recently received this call: ‘Hi Frank, I can finally empty my bladder standing up when I’m out with my mates again.’ Granted, those weren’t his exact words – but what he had to say brought a smile to everyone’s face. The caller is a young man who likes to get the most out of life with the Viva Grand S. Why is he so pleased? Thanks to the compact dimensions of the Viva Grand S, he can manoeuvre easily not just in bars, but also in their toilets. And with the standing function, he can relieve himself at the urinal. Quality of life takes many forms!

Man using standing feature of Swiss Viva Grand S

Technical Data

Maximum Speed         

Total Length with standard leg rests/without leg rests


Turning Radius with leg rests

8/12 km/h

97 cm/73 cm

63 cm

98 cm


Colours Swiss Viva Grand S