The Stabilizing Mesh

Soft Fibre Wedges and stabilizing mesh

It is between the two layers of mesh where supports are placed around an individual to create the ideal position for them. The mesh is one of the most hygienic bases for a positioning system as it is anti-microbial, complete with SteriTouch running through it, anti-mite, anti-fungal, entirely washable and conforms to Oeko-Tex Standard 100. It is therefore safe to wash at 40° as it contains all the above properties and does not wash out. The product can be washed at 60°, although we do advise 40° for environmental reasons. If an anti-bacterial additive is used in the wash, it can be washed at 30° and will therefore last longer. Please be advised that the mesh should never be put into a tumble dryer.

Single Fitted Mesh

  • Bottom piece – 1830mm x 2500mm
  • Top Piece – 1830mm x 1000mm

Cot Fitted Mesh

  • Bottom piece – 1830mm x 1300mm
  • Top piece – 1500mm x 700mm


  • Bottom sheet 1830mm x 2500mm
  • Top sheet 1830mm x 1000mm