Tri-Chair 1


Tri-Chair One is simple & effective in design, offering a superior level of comfort, support & sense of security


The Tri-Chair One’s key feature is its adjustable seat height, which allows for easy standing and sitting. The pivoting Tilt-in-Space function provides a secure and comfortable tilt angle that distributes body weight and pressure over a larger surface area, without compromising pelvic stability.

Moreover, the Tri-Chair One is highly adaptable to changing user needs. It can be easily converted into a more complex nursing care chair, with an angle adjustable and flip-up footplate, as well as a back angle recline option. These features make the chair suitable for users with more demanding needs or as conditions progress. See also Tri-Chair.


  • Tilt-in-space
  • Adjustable Seat Height
  • Adjustable Seat Width & Height
  • Adjustable Arm Height
  • Removable Arms
  • Elevating, Articulating Leg Rest
  • Pressure Care as standard
  • Waterfall Back Cushion
  • 100mm Directional Lock Castors
  • Ergonomically Positioned Push Handle
Tri-Chair One


  • 2-point medium or large padded lapbelt
  • 4-point medium or large padded lapbelt
  • medium or large padded pelvic positioner
  • medium or large chest harness
  • flip-up, angle adjustable footplate

Pressure Care Options To Suit Your Needs

Pressure Cushion for Tri-Chair One
Tri-Chair Wheel Lock
Pressure cushion on Tri-Chair
Purple Pressure cushion on Tri-Chair

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