Making sure that our seating is the perfect — and most cost-effective solution — for our users and their healthcare workers is our ultimate aim.

We pride ourselves in quality customer service and support our clients with reviews to ensure our products are working for them in the real world.

One recent review was with a client who had been using an LCS mould since 2017. The mould was still working well and the client was happy with it but, during the review,  we discovered an issue and came up with a cost-effective solution to help the client.

The issue

The chair user is an adult and family members and care staff were finding it difficult to push the chair and wanted to get a new power assist chair to make moving around easier. The issue was that the current interface for the mould would not fit a power assist chair and the HSE could not fund a new mould as the current one was working well.

Our solution

As the cost of a new mould would be too expensive, we came up with a plan to fit a new interface to the current mould so that it would work with the new power assist base. We contacted the client to let them know it would take three days to complete this work and the client was able to plan for three days without the chair. We collected the mould from the client and new power assist base from the HSE and brought them to the LCS factory in Grange, Co. Sligo to measure, manufacture and fit a new interface to the existing mould.

The result

We delivered the re-manufactured chair with a newly interfaced mould and base to the client within 2.5 days and managed to save the HSE in the region of €3,000 as a new mould was not required. The client now has easier access to social activities as the power assist aids with pushing.

As LCS, we have a range of hi-tech manufacturing machinery to create custom seating and parts to suit the needs of the user. We always aim to find solutions that are cost effective and beneficial to our clients.

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