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Custom moulded seating systems are known to create lots of unwanted heat and moisture due to their posture correcting qualities and close fit to the user.

This can have a great impact on wheelchair users particularly in instances where heat is a contributing factor for seizures and other adverse reactions.

This was an issue for one of our clients —  an adult with cerebral palsy — who was finding that increased heat and moisture was causing adverse skin reactions.

The issue

Our client has such a high muscle-tone that we had to use a double headrest mounting system as he has broken headrests brackets in the past. The spasticity in his muscles causes his body temperature to increase, which in turn causes a lot of sweating and moisture build-up in his chair resulting in adverse skin reactions.

Our solution

Our team incorporated WheelAir — which is a temperature control system designed to fit all wheelchairs —  with an LCS custom moulded seating to allow the free circulation of air through the backrest of his chair. A small, compact motor is mounted to the base of the backrest and ventilation tubes are incorporated into the backrest to allow air to circulate up through it. Small ventilation holes in the tubes allow the air to circulate through the foam of the backrest reducing the build-up of heat in the seat.

The result

The result has been that the solution helps with self-regulation of body temperature through convection, conduction and evaporation heat loss. This in-turn reduces the temperature of the seat, reducing excessive sweating and preventing associated skin reactions and heat related adverse effects.

As LCS, we have a range of hi-tech manufacturing machinery to create custom seating and parts to suit the needs of the user. We always aim to find solutions that are cost effective and beneficial to our clients.

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