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We recently followed up with a client, that we supplied a Focus TIS base with dynamic seating components to, over three years ago.

The issue

The client has extensor tone and his pattern was to push down on the footrests and against the backrest forcefully. This resulted in parts of his chair breaking much more frequently than usual.

Our solution  

To ensure that the client was able to use the chair comfortably without parts breaking we came up with a solution that factors in his extensor tone and forceful pushing behaviour.

We recommended a dynamic backrest, foot and leg rests to make it more flexible so that the pushing movement wouldn’t cause damage.

The backrest can be added to any of the Ki mobility TIS chairs and can be locked during transport. There are three stiffnesses available in the backrest so, if you find the system too hard or soft, it’s easy to make changes as Seating Dynamic supply the different stiffness strengths with the system.

We also supplied the 3D version leg and foot rests to allow for three ranges of motion:

  1. a telescoping movement
  2. knee extension
  3. plantar/dorsiflexion

The result

This dynamic system allows the lower limbs to be supported while the extensor tone is absorbed thus reducing the risk to the user and protecting the equipment. While the dynamic parts were an expensive add on at the time of purchase, the OT said that it was the right option for the client and it has improved the longevity of the chair.

At LCS, we have a range of hi-tech manufacturing machinery to create custom seating and sleeping solutions to suit the needs of the user. We always aim to find solutions that are cost effective and beneficial to our clients.

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