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Many clients we see at LC Seating have significant postural care needs, and often their seating systems are used to enable daily living and mobility, making correct seating extremely important. Despite the restrictions due to Covid-19, getting these issues sorted is a high priority for the client and is possible for LC Seating to resolve in both clinical and non-clinical settings.

The Problem

An occupational therapist came to us with huge concerns about one of her clients who had been using a moulded seat for a number of years. The current moulded seating system was showing signs of wear and a recent orthopaedic review highlighted significant change in the client’s spine. The consultant said that if this deterioration wasn’t addressed it would begin to restrict breathing. Unfortunately, just after the consultant’s report was received, the country was put into Covid-19 lockdown.

The Solution

The Covid-19 lockdown and the client’s vulnerable status meant that we could not proceed any further for two and a half months. Also the client’s mother, (while aware of the pressing need to change the mould) decided to completely cocoon and prevent any contact with non-immediate family to protect her son. Over the next few weeks, we discussed ways to complete a range-of-motion assessment and complete a mould as soon as possible using full PPE and adhering to our Covid-19 protocols.

The Assessment

Due to the urgent need for a new seat, we eventually got the green light to proceed with the assessment process from the OT Manager. It was deemed safer, although far from ideal, to complete the entire assessment at home.

We arrived in full PPE and also fully decontaminated the moulding bags and moulding chair, along with any assessment tools. We were fortunate with the weather, which enabled the LCS seating specialist to set up an area outside with the laptop to scan the moulding bags and decontaminate the equipment.

We brought the client into the room, where he was hoisted onto the bed in order for a physical range-of-motion assessment to take place. With the assessment completed in the minimum amount of time, the LCS seating specialist prepared the moulding bags according to the findings of the physical assessment.

The client was placed in the pre-shaped moulding bags and after a few adjustments to provide increased trunk support, we were all happy with the resulting mould. Our client was carefully hoisted out of the mould and returned to his current chair and moved into another part of the house.

The assessment team then moved outside, where the seating specialist scanned the mould and took the necessary details in order to proceed with the process.

The Outcome

The Client has been using his new mould for a number of months, with very favourable feedback from his mother.  She reported that he is now able to sit for far longer and didn’t need to return to bed for a rest in the afternoon. Plus, the client can now enjoy more of his hobby – watching heavy machinery documentaries on YouTube. In conclusion, we demonstrated that complex seating can be successfully provided in a non-clinical setting.

As LC Seating, we have a range of hi-tech manufacturing machinery to create custom sleeping and seating solutions to suit the needs of the user. We always aim to find solutions that are cost effective and beneficial to our clients. Give us a call on 071 91 63905 or email us at to find out how we can support your postural management needs.